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Our office building is located in historic Ft. Benjamin Harrison on the east side of the city approximately 12 miles from downtown Indianapolis.

9535 E. 59th Street, Suite C, Indianapolis, IN 46216

(317)803-3330 or (800)543-7167, Fax (317)803-3370


  • Pending/New Business     Jodi Herd     ext. 224
  • Impaired Risk and U.L. Illustrations    Jeff Darnell   ext. 225
  • Licensing/Contracting and Commissions, Inforce Customer Service     Julie Adams     ext. 233
  • Administration     Shannon DeSplinter     ext. 229
  • Pending/New Business and MYGA Rates     Julie Adams     ext. 233
  • FIA and Income Rider Case Design     Jeff Darnell     ext. 225

Office Administration