About Us

Founded in 1990, SBI is a privately owned brokerage firm serving financial planners in over 20 states. Our primary philosophy is to provide associates with the finest value-added services and the best consumer oriented products. We operate on a thin profit margin, enhancing compensation to our associates.  Our associates have access to:

  • Systematic status update e-mails sent on pending cases
  • The ability to dial into our admin system 24/7 to check pending cases
  • Website features:
    • Online term and GUL comparison spreadsheets
    • Forms and carrier/product information
    • Paperless e-app submission platforms
    • An online impaired risk underwriting quote tool
    • Online quote requests for life, annuities and D.I. products
    • Multiple sales support tools and calculators, as well as an abundance of advanced marketing reference material 
  • Carriers with underwriting niches, example: Non-Tobacco rates for chewers/dippers/pipe/cigar
  • Our monthly newsletter supplying updates on products, companies and industry news

SBI is a principal of National Brokerage Agencies, Inc. (NBA), a peer organization, national in scope, providing members a forum for the exchange of information and marketing purposes. SBI founder Jeff Darnell is an officer of NBA and also sits on the Board of Directors.

Let us go to work for you, today!